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People often lose their mind when they are most horrible in spirit.


Like the oyster, it is mysterious, self-sufficient, and lonely.


There are many miseries in the world waiting for me; and once in the midst of them, it is permissible to show some heroic qualities.


If one can do one's duty, one can feel as if he were eating pears and drinking honey, and counteract the bitter taste of life.


What I have done is far better than what I have done; the rest I shall have is far sweeter than everything I know.


In fact, there is nothing to give up, except for endless suffering and ruins.


We must not only look at the surface, but only rely on evidence. This is the first rule of law.


As long as possible, I will not only speak the truth, but I will not use the sermon to answer your trust in me.


Though the future is worrying, the danger is uncertain, so there is still vague hope.


A man of stiffness and gloom and depression, no matter how he was born or dressed, is the worst man in the world.


The doctor and nurse said a few words for the dead to pray for hope and peace. But hope and peace have been with her for a long time.


Forgiveness is a noble quality, a noble virtue that is beyond your control and control.


I hope you must start with ordinary scholars, so that you can become an extraordinary scholar.


The vast sky seemed to burn up. Fire gushed a shower of Mars waves into the sky, illuminating miles around, and smoke poured in the direction of his station.


Opportunities don't come to people, but people look for opportunities.


This is the best era, and this is also the worst of times.


In your life, do not break four things: trust, commitment, relationships and soul. Because they are silent when they break, but they cause a lot of pain.


You can think of work as supreme; you can do a job without giving up; you can do anything with a purpose.


Only a true friend will say this to you. If you can't be extraordinary along the straight road, don't go out of your way just to be extraordinary.


Those who are full of benevolence, righteousness, and righteousness, with a stern face, whether they sell the goods of the afterlife or the goods of the present world, must be selling dogs with sheep's heads.


Without the help of a selfless self sacrificing maternal love, the child's mind will be a desert.


Engagement is a kind of desire, a kind of intention, a friendly plan, expressing the friendship between the two sides. It contains strong feelings and contains the sincere hope of success. There is no doubt about it.


Never break four things in your life: trust, relationship, promise, and heart. Because when they break, they do not make any noise, but they are very painful.


Nature's noble people are itchy to each other, and the real great people in the world are also sad to each other.


If the good deeds of man can trace their origins, death seems beautiful; for so much love, kindness, and pure affection can be seen growing up in the grave!


If you lack sincerity or are reluctant to do something, you will not achieve much even if you have great ability.


In marriage, there is no greater disparity than the difference between thought and belief.


To the world you may be one person, but to one person you maybe the world.


If you live in an unfinished house, you can't live in it steadily; if you're doing something and haven't finished it, you'll be told to stop, and you'll find it hard to settle down and do something else.


Many good-hearted people tend to exaggerate their good deeds wishfully and excessively, resulting in over-optimistic illusions.


It is better not to talk about anything that is protesting or conditional, otherwise it will be too small.


As long as he is amiable, that is much better than his learning.


Ren Aixian starts from himself and starts with others first.


Honest men have simple minds of honest men, and cunning men have simple minds of cunning men.


There are things when love is powerless, hate often has a way to do it.


He himself is a small official meal, but he can not find happiness in this circle. Really, happiness can only be found in happy families.


I hope he doesn't want to be against himself. I hate people who are right with themselves.


Persistence in love is a good thing, but if there is no perseverance in other ways, perseverance in love is worthless and meaningless.


It can be concluded that, like the body, a little too much comfort is like a disease.


Stubborn perseverance can conquer any summit in the world.


Night fog scattered, moonlight bright, quiet outline, no longer see the vision of the shadow, it seems to indicate that we will never be separated.


Never leave till tomorrow what you can do today. Procrastination is the thief of time. Catch him!


Distinguish between right and wrong, heavy evidence, compare with a cool head.


The best way to prolong the daytime is to steal a few hours from the night.


There is an indispensable condition in our life; we should defend it bravely until the last minute.


If you think you can do anything big or small with a passion, you might as well get rid of the wrong idea.


The higher the heart is, the more vulnerable it is.


It is not enough for justice to rely solely on spiritual belief, it must rely on non-spiritual confirmation, that is, on the approval of the law.


We are not ready to grow up. Just as we are not prepared to be more naive.


There are two kinds of people engaging in charity: one is a person who says nothing, the other is a person who does not speak.


Neither Emily nor I bothered to realize the disparity of status, or the youth, or the other obstacles we faced, because we had no future in mind.


A true lover cannot be indifferent, disgusted, suspicious, ungrateful and half-fire and half-ice.


Happiness can never be achieved without strong love, without a loving heart, without God's gratitude, which is guided by compassion and characterized by great love for all living beings.


My life is monotonous and boring. It is consuming my life bit by bit.


I was really lonelier than Robinson, because although he was lonely, no one looked at him, no one saw his loneliness.


You have to love as if you have never been hurt. You dance like no one is watching you.


A true lover always wishes to come to his beloved, or near him, even if he loses the pleasure of being with others; he never forgets to be with her.


It is useless to look back on the past, unless it will affect the current events.


No matter where I go, I am looking for happiness. I would never go anywhere to find pain, because I was born to be a merry person. Only when pain is found on my head, can I be miserable.


You, do not squeeze: the world is so large that it accommodates me and also accommodates you.

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