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A caring, do not need a long talk, a short greeting can also be very warm; good morning!


Separation, a little difficult, but not sad; a little regrettable, but not pessimistic. Because the hope of meeting is comforting.


When it's cold, I bring a coat. When it rains, I remember to take an umbrella. When my hands are cold, I buy a cup of hot milk tea. Don't treat myself badly.


May the bright sunshine, the vigor of youth, the beautiful appearance and the comfortable smile always belong to you.


We used to be schoolmates on a desk. When we waved goodbye, please accept my heartfelt wishes.


In your day, we will work together, so the OARS will paddle fast and the shore will be clear.


Friendship is a fantastic equation. You have to pay when you get it, and you get it when you give it.


Her face had beautiful eyes adorned with childish, long eyelashes, like two crystal grapes.


The life of former classmates is a bunch of ice-sugar gourds. The charming sweetness and sour will never end.


No matter how many years I have gone through, no matter how long I have traveled, I deeply miss that road, which once led me to meet you.


Send you a rose, it's the only one in my heart. It will not wither unless it is worn on your chest.


Send a sincere wish, bring you unlimited hope, wish the future years happiness and warmth.


You are the white flower in the sky, falling in my heart, the sea of my feelings, splashing the waves of happiness.


I hope you can remember me when you leave. Don't ask if tomorrow will be the same in a changeable world.


Dreams are like invisible wings. Because that is the wings, and pursue dreams, because those wings, and fly dreams.


Cold weather, friendship will not be cold; snow drift, concern is still there; add clothes, do not catch cold, take care of health!


Every time I look back, I always miss you and wish you good luck.


Fragrance on your face, purple air auspicious, celebrating the opening ceremony, wish business as strong as spring, financial resources like water!


A light rain, a dream, a happy, rainy day you must be more beautiful, always remember that health is the most important.


Everyone has their own problems to solve. We can treat others honestly, but we don't have to place great expectations on them. Good night!


Dear, the recent influenza, you have to remember to prevent in advance ah, to be good, but do not catch a cold ah.


Long separated, it is difficult to meet, let this small piece of paper take my sincere heart, carry my eternal love.


It's cold. Remember to add clothes. Think about your old friends. I wish you a happy day and a happy day.


All temporary farewells should be reunited, all regrets should be fulfilled, and all seemingly isolated ones should not be separated.


Don't live in the shadow of the past. Think of every day as a new day of life. Life will be colorful.


May friendship last forever. May your youth be infinite. May happiness always be with you. May good luck be with you.


My friend, on this beautiful day, may all the happiness in the world be concentrated in you.


Wish the dream fantasy melt in the sky's rosy clouds; Wish the green birds to pick us up and fly to the oasis of life.


Draw a youth arc, inlaid with a colorful sunshine, with a string of happy notes wish friendship sincere and beautiful.


There is no reward in the world that encourages hard work. All rewards are only used to reward work results.


A person who can see things from other people's ideas and understand other people's spiritual activities should never worry about his future.


You are my baby, you are my flower, thank you for your help, thank you for your love.


I wish you: life is getting better and better, temper is getting smaller and smaller, economy is going up, career is running all the way.


Happiness is a gem in my hand, I want to give it to you. Let it shine on your head and shine on your peaceful face.


Youth, sunshine and laughter belong to you. I wish you a happy and happy New Year.


Friendship is a wonderful equation. You have to give when you get it, and you get it when you give it.

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